Mail ru board of directors

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Mail ru board of directors

Below are the most prominent businessmen targeted along with their main assets and connections as well as extracts from the U. Treasury statement. Rusal is listed in Hong Kong and counts Glencore among its shareholders. He is famous for bringing back a collection of Faberge eggs to Russia. They are not under sanctions. Vekselberg and his partners also have a stake in Rusal, which supplies aluminum to the United States and other countries.

Shamalov now owns 3. Gennady Timchenko, a close associate of President Vladimir Putin, holds a stake in the company as well. Sibur is not under sanctions. Neither Usmanov nor USM are under sanctions. Embroiled in a tax fraud investigation in France, the Kremlin has said it will do all it can to help him. Polyus is not under sanctions. Kerimov is a member of the Russian Federation Council.

The company is owned by its employees, according to official data. Gennady Timchenko, a friend of Putin who is under U. Bogdanov is the Director General and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Surgutneftegaz, a vertically integrated oil company operating in Russia. Arkady Rotenberg is now overseeing the construction of a bridge Putin has championed to Russia-annexed Crimea. Discover Thomson Reuters. Directory of sites.

mail ru board of directors

United States. World News. A combination of file photos show prominent Russian businessmen and officials on a U. Treasury Department in Washington, D. April 6, Strong governance is essential to the way DMGT operates. It is a key factor in our ability to achieve growth in a profitable, responsible and sustainable manner and in how we maximise shareholder value over the long term.

In practice, this means that the Board establishes a framework within which our businesses operate and deliver shareholder value. Skills and experience: Lord Rothermere brings significant experience of media and newspapers. In he became Managing Director of the Evening Standard. He has a broad knowledge of the Group, having set up the digital division of dmg media formerly Associated Newspapers digital in Before that he founded an early interactive media company and launched a European technology services firm.

Skills and experience: Prior to joining DMGT, Tim Collier was Chief Financial Officer of Thomson Reuters Financial and Risk Business where he was responsible for driving financial and risk performance, optimising resources and enhancing growth through organic and strategic investments.

Skills and experience: Kevin Beatty brings many years of media industry experience and is Chief Executive of dmg media. She was the Special Policy Adviser to the Rt. She previously worked in advertising and journalism. Skills and experience: Andrew Lane brings a range of experience of dealing in complex legal and regulatory matters.

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He is a partner at Forsters LLP and specialises in private client law. Skills and experience: David Nelson provides the Board and its Committees with relevant financial expertise, gained through a career in accounting. He is an adviser to UK-based families and their businesses, advising on financial and tax matters in the UK and overseas. He is a trustee of a number of substantial UK trusts. Skills and experience: Kevin Parry is a chartered accountant who brings a broad range of experience and skills to the Board.

He has extensive experience chairing companies as well as audit, risk and nominations committees. Skills and experience: Heidi Roizen provides the Board with experience in digital media, entrepreneurial growth and business development in both public and private companies in the US.

She teaches entrepreneurship at Stanford University. She is a Partner at Threshold Ventures, a venture capital firm in California.If you're investing in a company, either by purchasing shares of stock or buying bondsIt's wise for you to know the details about what a corporate board of directors does.

mail ru board of directors

The board of directors is the highest governing authority within the management structure at a corporation or publicly traded business. The board owes a company's shareholders the highest financial duty under American law, known as a fiduciary duty. In some European countries, the sentiment is much different in that many directors there feel that it is their primary responsibility to protect the employees of a company first and the shareholders second.

The board is made up of individuals the "directors" who are elected by the shareholders for multiple-year terms. Many companies operate on a rotating system so that only a fraction of the directors are up for election each year.

Directors are often tied to major vendors to strengthen important relationships. For example, you'd expect to see a high-ranking employee of The Coca-Cola Company on the board of directors at McDonald's Corporation, or vice versa, given their mutually beneficial relationship. The number of people on a board of directors can vary substantially between companies and can range anywhere from 3 to In the United States, at least fifty percent of the directors must meet the requirements of "independence," meaning they are not associated with or employed by the company.

In theory, independent directors will not be subject to pressure, and therefore are more likely to act in the shareholders' interests when those interests run counter to those of entrenched management. Another responsibility of the board of directors is establishing the audit and compensation committees. The board members select, hire, and work with an outside auditing firm that does the auditing. In recent years, many boards of directors have come under fire for allowing executive salaries to reach unjustifiably high levels.

In exchange for providing their services, corporate directors are paid a yearly salary, additional compensation for each meeting they attend, stock options, and various other benefits. The total amount of directorship fees vary from company to company. The compensation directors receive, along with any other benefits, short biographical information, age, and level of existing ownership in the business is found in a special document known as the proxy statement.

Generally, it is considered a good sign to have directors with substantial ownership stakes in the business under their care because they truly walk in the shoes of the outside shareholders in many respects. The particular ownership structure of a corporation has a huge impact on the effectiveness of the board of directors to govern.

In a company where a large, single shareholder exists, that entity or individual investor can effectively control the corporation. If a director has a problem, he or she can appeal to the controlling shareholder. In a company where no controlling shareholder exists, the directors typically act as if one did exist and attempt to protect this imaginary entity at all times even if it means firing the CEO, making changes to the structure, or turning down acquisitions.

In this case, a director is completely at the will of the owner and has no effective way to override their decisions. Investing for Beginners Basics. By Full Bio Follow Twitter. Joshua Kennon co-authored "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Investing, 3rd Edition" and runs his own asset management firm for the affluent.

Read The Balance's editorial policies. It's the board's job to:. In most cases, directors:. Have a vested interest in the company; Work in the upper management of the company so-called "executive directors" ; Or are independent of the company but are known for their business abilities.Milner is Russia's most influential information technology tech investor. Milner's personal investments also include a stake in 23andMe[5] Habito, Planet Labsminority stake in a real estate investments startup, Cadrefounded by Jared Kushner son-in-law of President Donald Trump[6] [7] and others.

Born into a Jewish family [8] [9] on 11 November in Moscow, [10] Yuri Milner was the second child of Russian intellectuals. His older sister, eight years his senior, is an architect. Milner studied theoretical physics at Moscow State Universitygraduating in As a doctoral candidate in particle physics, Milner befriended Soviet nuclear physicist and human rights activist Andrei Sakharov.

Sakharov's forward thinking would later influence Milner's venture investment strategy. Milner started his business career selling grey market DOS computers in the Soviet Union, which displeased his father. When the national government collapsed, he stopped selling computers to enroll at the Wharton School to earn an MBA.

He has described his time at the World Bank as his "lost years", due to watching from afar the privatization of government holdings during the presidency of Boris Yeltsin. In February Milner was appointed the deputy chairperson and the head of the investment division of Menatep Bank but left this position in early Inafter reading a review by Morgan Stanley analyst Mary Meeker on the prospects for online businesses, Milner decided to create an internet company.

Netbridge succeeded in transferring a variety of U.

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In FebruarynetBridge and Port. Milner became CEO of the new company named Mail. Ru though the legal name Port. A meeting through mutual friends resulted in Alisher Usmanov becoming a shareholder of Mail.

In Mail. In MarchMilner stepped down from the role of chairperson of Mail. There were no other changes to management or to the board.

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Post Mail. The company is now fully independent of Mail.

mail ru board of directors

The meeting led to an agreement on 26 May under which DST bought a 1. The group's portfolio included Mail. In NovemberMail.

Corporate governance

DST Global became one of the world's leading technology investors and its portfolio has included some of the world's most prominent internet companies, such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Airbnb, Spotify, Alibaba, and others. It also specified that inclusion in the report "does not constitute the determination by any agency that any of those individuals or entities meet the criteria for designation under any sanctions program", and in no way indicates that "the U.

In its response to a lawsuit asserting that the compilation of the list was "arbitrary, capricious, and contrary to law", [41] the Treasury Department has confirmed that it is "not challenging" the allegation that it had "simply republished" the Forbes billionaires list. Committees of previous laureates choose the winners from candidates nominated in a process that is online and open to the public.

The Prizes are presented annually at a gala ceremony featuring celebrity presentations, films, comedy and live music. The annual celebrations also includes symposiums in the three recognized fields.

The program is broadcast live on the web. In JulyMilner launched Breakthrough Initiativesa scientific program to investigate the question of life in the Universe. The messages will not be sent into space until a global discussion on the ethics of such a move has taken place.

The third project, Breakthrough Starshot, was announced 12 April On 20 Aprilthe Breakthrough Discuss conference was held, during which the results of a year worth of data analysis was discussed. According to the researchers, stars were analyzed. In Septemberthe Breakthrough Prize launched the Breakthrough Junior Challenge, [57] [58] a science competition for people between thirteen and eighteen years of age, in collaboration with Khan Academy.

Milner believes that the internet will eventually develop into a " global brain "—which is often described as an intelligent network of individuals and machines—functioning as a nervous system for the planet Earth. He also envisages that the advent of the internet of things and ever increasing use of social media will increase humans' collective intelligence.Kevin has served on the boards of a broad spectrum of businesses, including as Chairman of Morse plc and as a non-executive director of Big Food Group plc and Nationwide Building Society.

He has significant experience of international business transformation and operational performance improvement. Sabri was a Partner at Deloitte from towhere he had a varied career. He served as a member of both the Deloitte UK Board, where he acted as chairman of the remuneration committee, and the Deloitte Global Board, where he was chairman of the succession planning committee.

Sabri was also chairman of Igneus UK Limited, a leading provider of welfare to work services. Sabri has significant and wide-ranging experience in organisational design, change management, strategy, and corporate development. Maria has spent her career in a range of legal roles as a solicitor and in-house at Lloyds of London and sincewith British Airways where she is director of people and legal and is a member of the executive board, corporate security board and pensions strategy board.

Maria is experienced at working with international regulators and governments and has a deep understanding of operational risk, including cyber security, data and mobile risk. She also has significant geo-political, multi-channel distribution, acquisition and post-merger integration experience. Nick has extensive international experience in the technology and information security industries and for the last six years had served as chief financial officer of security software firm, Sophos Group plc.

Prior to that, he held various senior financial positions at Comshare Inc. Jane has many years of experience as a general counsel and an adviser to publicly quoted businesses, with a particular focus on strategic projects and risk management. Prior to that, she spent a number of years in investment banking, with corporate broking and corporate finance roles at JPMorgan Cazenove and in regulatory compliance at Nomura International.

She trained and practised as a corporate lawyer at Freshfields and is a qualified solicitor. FAQs Contact Us. Home About Us Board of Directors. Board of Directors. Kevin Loosemore.

Clive Vacher.

Russian businessmen, officials on new U.S. sanctions list

Sabri Challah. Maria da Cunha. Independent Non-executive Director Appointment to the Board Appointed to the Board on 23 July Committees Audit Committee Ethics Committee Nomination Committee Remuneration Committee Chairman Current directorships and business interests Royal Mail plc, non-executive director Community Integrated Care, trustee Competition and Markets Authority, panel member Career, skills and experience Maria has spent her career in a range of legal roles as a solicitor and in-house at Lloyds of London and sincewith British Airways where she is director of people and legal and is a member of the executive board, corporate security board and pensions strategy board.

Nick Bray. Independent Non-executive Director Appointment to the Board Appointed to the Board on 21 July Committees Audit Committee Chairman Ethics Committee Nomination Committee Remuneration Committee Career, skills and experience Nick has extensive international experience in the technology and information security industries and for the last six years had served as chief financial officer of security software firm, Sophos Group plc.

Jane Hyde. General Counsel and Company Secretary Appointment Appointed as General Counsel on 20 January and as Company Secretary with effect from 22 January Committees Risk Committee Chairperson Career, skills and experience Jane has many years of experience as a general counsel and an adviser to publicly quoted businesses, with a particular focus on strategic projects and risk management.A board of directors B of D is an elected group of individuals that represent shareholders.

The board is a governing body that typically meets at regular intervals to set policies for corporate management and oversight. Every public company must have a board of directors.

Some private and nonprofit organizations also have a board of directors. In general, the board makes decisions as a fiduciary on behalf of shareholders. Issues that fall under a board's purview include the hiring and firing of senior executives, dividend policies, options policies, and executive compensation. In addition to those duties, a board of directors is responsible for helping a corporation set broad goals, supporting executive duties, and ensuring the company has adequate, well-managed resources at its disposal.

Every public company must have a board of directors composed of members who are both internal and external to the organization. Bylaws can set the number of board members, the manner in which the board is elected e. While there is no set number of members for a board, most range from 3 to 31 members. Some analysts believe the ideal size is seven. An inside director is a member who has the interest of major shareholders, officers, and employees in mind, and whose experience within the company adds value.

These board members are reimbursed and usually receive additional pay for attending meetings. Ideally, an outside director brings an objective, independent view to goal-setting and settling any company disputes. It is considered critical to strike a balance of internal and external directors on a board.


Board structure can differ slightly in international settings. In some countries in Europe and Asia, corporate governance is split into two tiers: an executive board and a supervisory board. The executive board is composed of insiders elected by employees and shareholders and is headed by the CEO or managing officer. The executive board is in charge of daily business operations.

While members of the board of directors are elected by shareholders, which individuals are nominated is decided by a nomination committee.

Removal of a member by resolution in a general meeting can present challenges. A board member is likely to be removed if they break foundational rules; for example, engaging in a transaction that is a conflict of interest, or striking a deal with a third party to influence a board vote.

Breaking foundational rules can lead to the expulsion of a director. These infractions include but are not limited to the following:. Business Essentials. Business Leaders.Following the AGM and election of the directors the Company also announces the re-appointment of the current independent directors.

The Company therefore announces that the following will serve for another 2 year term as independent directors:. The Company also announces today the following changes to the management team: Verdi Israelyan has been appointed as Elected Director and he has stepped down as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer Russia.

I wish to thank all of our directors for their dedication and service and look forward to continuing to work with them all. Our business remains strong and the drivers behind it powerful and unchanged.

We continue to focus on expanding our offering to the user and on attracting the best IT talent. About us. Our strategy Our history Our team Our products Social responsibility. Press releases Brandbook Press contacts.

Dmitry Grishin Chairman of the board. Vladimir Streshinskiy. Boris Dobrodeev. Matthew Hammond. Verdi Israelyan. Charles St Leger Searle. Vasileios Sgourdos.

Yuri Milner

Mark Remon Sorour. Marcus Galperin 2.

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