Minecraft ship mod

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Minecraft ship mod

The Ships Mod is a pretty impressive mod as it allows you, the player, to craft your very own ships from default Minecraft blocks! To start building your own ship, you first need a ship block, and there are 7 different kinds of ship blocks, each one allowing you to create a bigger and bigger ship, starting from Tiny Ship or more likely a raft and then moving on up to the huge Epic Ships, which can be consist of up to You then place said block somewhere with no other interfering blocks, preferably on water you might have to build a tower from the ocean floor, place the ship block, then remove the tower to properly place itthen start building your ship around the ship block.

Important: the Ships Mod requires Minecraft Forge. Can consist of up to blocks, requires a helm and sail to be sailed, cannot be operated by just a paddle. Required to control and steer ships larger than the Tiny Ship, but you also require sails. Sails are just any kind of wool blocks that are exposed to open air, the more sails, the faster your ship is.

This allows you to make copies of ships. To do so, use the clipboard on a docked ship, its blueprint will then be copied to the clipboard. For that, take a look at the Ship Projector. You can also copy ships to the clipboard by copying the encoded ship text from a website by using commands such as CTRL-C.

This nifty gadget allows you to project a blueprint of a ship onto the space over open water. This allows you to easily place the blocks required by the ships, and essentially recreate it by hand. To do it, simply copy a ship to the clipboard, then place a Ship Projector on a water block. All in all, a grade A mod that adds a much missed feature to the game: proper ships. Here is a better look at the mod, as well as some more details about how it actually looks, check it out:.

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Share on Facebook!Davincis Vessels Mod 1. Wanna fly that giant sky island you made the other day? Want to actually use that pirate ship you built? Then this mod is what you need. Place a helm, add some balloons and off you go. The helm is required for any type of ship, simply place a helm on a standalone structure, right click assemble and mount!

The balloon is made of wool and string. If you want a different color use dye. You must change the color before you turn it into a balloon. Functions like a normal block of wood except it has a different density, using this in your ship construction lets it float more easily.

If you add a seat to your ship, other players can right click the ship to be assigned and mounted to a seat after assembly. If you align within range about 20 blocks of the anchor, the ship will snap to the position of the ground anchor!

minecraft ship mod

If you move your ship, the Archimedes Ships Mod Plus creates a mobile entity, which is wrapped into an invisible four-side box. The edges of this box are the outermost last blocks on each side. Make sure that the ships-anchor-block is the deepest block on the bottom of your ship!!! If it is not the deepest, the ship will try to align with the ground-anchor with exactly one block of space. The ground-anchor penetrates the four-side box.

That is impossible because you cant fly through a mountain. This crashes the game. To release the mob apply a redstone signal to the crate or right click the crate. Engines are used to increase the speed of your ship, each time you add an engine to a ship the speed will increase.

They require a fuel source like coal or wood to function. This makes it useful for building docks and berths for your ships. The sticky buffer is the opposite of the shore buffer; it is included as part of the ship during assembly.

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To craft it, use a shore buffer and a slime ball. As you may or may not know, ships can have different characteristics based on how you build them!You can create your own completely custom ships on PirateCraft without mods!

Pair your ships with Cannons you can fire in collective as you sail! Or Bypass all ranking and inherit all ships and cannons by getting a Contributor Rank.

Each ship type has its own requirements listed in the Ship Types section. If you have just joined you will be a Deckhand and will only be able to build a Dhowtake a look at the Dhow Spec Card.

Once your ship is built you turn it into a ship by adding the Ship control signs, Put a sign on your ship with Dhow on the first line and right click it. To pilot your ship, or steal another, Right click the ships control sign with an empty hand, You will be greeted with a message saying you have successfully piloted the ship. The Pilot sign is how you tell if you have built your ship correctly as this will give you feedback.

The cruise sign should be facing in the direction you wish your ship to cruise in, usually facing forward to the front of your ship. This sign works as a toggle to stop cruising too.

You can adjust course once we are Cruising by using the [helm] sign or rotate commands. Create a sign on your ship with [helm] on the first line, Right click with an empty hand and this will turn into a wheel. Rotate by right clicking the sign with a empty hand to rotate clockwise and left click with an empty hand to rotate anti-clockwise, this will cause your whole ship to rotate.

The maneuver tool is a tool to move your ship block by block, This is to help with docking your ship, or moving carfully. It can also be used to strafe when you are crusing to help avoid obsticles. The maneuver tool is a normal Golden Hoeit is used once piloted by holding the Gold Hoe and right clicking in the direction you want to move.

Your ship will start to move in that direction unless you are being obstructed by land or docks.

minecraft ship mod

The maneuver tool can also enter you into Direct Control Mode, This is an alternative method to control your ships using the WASD keys, you can toggle entering and leaving direct control mode by left clicking with a Golden Hoe once piloted. If you like to freshen up with a swim while you still have your ship piloted, fear not!

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A crew sign allows you to designate re-spawn areas if you are killed on your ship while you are sailing, these will give you a 1 time re-spawn back onto the ship to continue on your adventures. A crew sign needs to be created for yourself, you can't make them for other crew members, you create one by putting the crew sign above a bed on a ship, if the bed is destroyed the re-spawn will revert to your normal server re-spawn. Crew signs need Crew: on the first line and your Username on the second line.

Chests will only work on ships as single chests, not doubles, a double chest will act as a ship lock, you will be notified if there are double chests on a ship before sailing. Ships are not tied to Pirates, So unprotected ships can be stolen unless you protect and lock them!

You will need to use the land claim system and claim around a ship to protect the blocks from being broken, but as ships can be moved people could still steal them in protected claims, you will also need to lock your ship by placing a piston on it. Ships can sink, each ship has its own sink percent. If the ship drops below that percent of its required blocks from attacks it will sink to the bottom of the ocean. The ship has to be piloted for it to sink, you cant go around sinking peolpes docked ships!

When Sailing around the world ships have no extra protection, they will burn, holes can be blown into them using cannons, TNT or louring creepers aboard! If you fall off your ship or die when piloted the ship will automatically be released from piloted control. Killing a captain will release their ship, ready to steal. To create a ship, use the ship name in a sign placed on your ship, each has its own requirements.

It's as simple as naming the file correctly and uploading it to the Media Forums! Don't use an external host like imgur, use the build in uploader, under Attachments click Browse to upload the image from your computer. Each ship image needs to have its filename include the ship type, if you do not include this it will not be added.

The Dhow is a small ship, a starting ship to test the waters, Its for Deckhandthat falls between Deckhand and Sailor, It may be small but its snappy!

Block are limited to "light" or wood based blocks, you can't use stone on Dhow's, here are the current stats:. A sailing ship with two or more masts, typically with the foremast smaller than the mainmast.

A long flat-bottomed boat for carrying freight on canals and rivers, either under its own power or towed by another. Barges are uniqie to PirateCraft by not requiring a sail but instead powered by fuel in a furnace, this allows for unique craft design.The Ships mod gives you the ability to control small to large masses of blocks, possibly resembling ships, but also adds a few extra pieces to truly make your mass into a great functional ship.

Yes anything from a 2 block raft to a 10, block battleship can be controlled with this mod. The key to building a proper ship with this mod is building it above water to start and then making sure it follows guidelines on whether or not it will actually function.

This gives you the ability to tweak your design before you end up ruining the whole thing by sinking it. Anything beyond a small ship will need a helm in conjunction with the ship block as well as a few sails. More sails mean your ship will go faster. And you can even craft a Berth on your ship in place of a normal bed. Berths will allow you to retain the functionality of a bed and also create a roaming spawn point for you. One more key aspect that sets this mod apart from others is the clipboard and ship projector combo.

This allows you to make copies of ships. Essentially you use the clipboard to make the initial copy by right clicking any ship block attached to a ship. It provides essentially the same uses from Obsidian as y Ex Sartagine adds new ways for cooking and smelting in Minecraft.

The Peaceful Plus mod allows you to craft various items normally found while playing on higher difficulties. Whenever I launch my ship it floods with water. Just thinking, maybe more types of propulsion, like nuclear power, steam, or gas should be added.

Can I make a ship with things like doors, chests, and the like? Name required. Email required, but never shared. Ships Minecraft 1. Download Forum Install Guide. Ships3. Related Mods. Minecraft 1.This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site.

Ships mod lets you build a ship out of blocks and sail it around the Minecraft world! Other mods have attempted this in the past. Some of these projects have been abandoned, and in my opinion, the remaining ones leave something to be desired. Ships mod is my take on how I think sailing should work in Minecraft and this aims to be a high-quality and feature-rich mod.

Minecraft - EPIC SHIPS & BOATS! (Turn Anything into a WARSHIP!) - Mod Showcase

Tell Leviathan so the compatibility spreadsheet can be updated. Compatibility issues can be reported on this thread. Want to see what Ships Mod looks like?

Take a look at these early technology demo videos on YouTube. Also, feel free to ask questions.

Archimedes’ Ships Mod [1.8] [1.7.10]

Like, will feature X be supported? Chances are, it will. And feel free to share your suggestions for what features you'd like to see added. Download The latest version of Ships Mod is v1. Last edited by Cuchaz : Aug 14, Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Yup, I'm me. To answer your questions: Yes, there will be propulsion systems. Propulsion will be a big part of the mod.

Larger ships will need propellers etc to move. The paddle is just for the raft-type ship. It's designed to be a simple starter ship that doesn't take a lot of resources to build. Paddling won't even work on larger ships. For the lag, I'm not sure how low-end computers will handle the mod.

minecraft ship mod

Larger ships will need more CPU time to process than small ships, but I've done a lot of work to optimize the code. The goal is to keep the code very efficient to remove lag as much as possible. I'll keep updating this thread with progress on the mod, so stay tuned.So bear that in mind when building your ship and try not to attach it to your dock.

The neat part of this mod is that the ship can be any size so long as the ship marker block is attached. With the same ASWD controls as the ship, along with Z and X to ascend or descend, you now have a functional airship any shape and size you desire.

For those of you who know the Minecraft myth of Herobrine, this mod is perfect for you. It adds a whole new level of fear in the game. Herobrine will either spa You can now use it to craft armor and tools and even food and blocks with it.

minecraft ship mod

Well, this mod takes creepers to a whole new level. It adds in a HUGE number of new creepers, each unique I tried this mod on my server about a year ago and it caused lag every tome a ship was launched. I loved the mod, though. The best transportation mod I tried so far!!!

Thanks guys. Though it can still fly. Is there a way to fix that or is that strictly a creative mode thing?

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This will make the ship return to its individual blocks which you can edit. And how about if the ship has taken up trees and blocks and is glitching through other trees and tells me i can not disassemble ship? Try checking for any other mods you might have installed.

Ships Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

This mod is awesome! The only question i have is: is it possible to remove the building limit of blocks?Related keywords for Ships Mod: ship mod 1. Toggle navigation. Ships Mod Features Singleplayer and Multiplayer support Ships have physical properties like: The blocks you choose determine the ship's physical properties Adds block-based ship entities to Minecraft Ships collide with players, the world, and each other Launch your ship to sail, dock it to change the blocks Supports ships up to 10, blocks in size Ships actually displace water no water inside your ships Ships collide with players, the world, and each other Configure block properties per server Adds block-based ship entities to Minecraft Other mods have attempted this in the past.

Some of these projects have been abandoned, and in my opinion, the remaining ones leave something to be desired.

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Ships mod is my take on how I think sailing should work in Minecraft and this aims to be a high-quality and feature-rich mod.

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Ships Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

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